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Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) is a standard SQL database access interface, providing uniform access to a wide range of relational databases. JDBC also provides a common base on which higher level tools and interfaces can be built.

The current JDK software bundle includes JDBC and the JDBC-ODBC bridge. These packages are also available separately for use with JDK 1.0.

JDBC Drivers
To use JDBC with a particular database management system, you need a JDBC Driver to mediate between JDBC and the database. Depending on various factors, a Driver might be written purely in Java, or in a mixture of Java and JNI native methods. The Java Software Web Site maintains a list of vendors with drivers available or under development.

The latest JDK includes theJDBC-ODBC Bridge. This JDBC Driver makes most Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) drivers available to JDBC programmers. The JDBC-ODBC Bridge Guide describes the current status of this software.

Getting Started
The JDBC Specification
The JDBC API Specification
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