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H MySQL and the future (The TODO)

This appendix lists the features that we plan to implement in MySQL.

Everything in this list is approximately in the order it will be done. If you want to affect the priority order, please register a license or support us and tell us what you want to have done more quickly. See section 3 MySQL Licensing and Support.

The plan is that we in the future will support the full ANSI SQL99 standard, but with a lot of useful extensions. The challenge is to do this without sacrifying the speed or compromise the code.

H.1 Things that should be in 4.0

We plan to make MySQL Version 4.0 a ``quick'' release where we only add some new stuff to enable others to help us with developing new features into Version 4.1. The MySQL 4.0 version should only take us about a month to make after which we want to stabilize it and start working on Version 4.1. Version 4.0 should have the following new features:

The news section for 4.0 includes a list of the features we have already implemented in the 4.0 tree. See section F.1 Changes in release 4.0.x (Development; Alpha).

H.2 Things that must be done in the real near future

H.3 Things that have to be done sometime

Time is given according to amount of work, not real time.

H.4 Some things we don't have any plans to do

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