0Echo Reply[RFC792]
3Destination Unreachable[RFC792]
30Net Unreachable
31Host Unreachable
32Protocol Unreachable
33Port Unreachable
34Fragmentation Needed and Don't Fragment Was Set
35Source Route Failed
36Destination Network Unknown
37Destination Host Unknown
38Source Host Isolated
39Communication with Destination Network is Administratively Prohibited
310Communication with Destination Host is Administratively Prohibited
311Destination Network Unreachable for Type of Service
312Destination Host Unreachable for Type of Service
313Communication Administratively Prohibited[RFC1812]
314Host Precedence Violation[RFC1812]
315Precedence cutoff in effect[RFC1812]
4Source Quench[RFC792]
40Redirect Datagram for the Network (or subnet)
41Redirect Datagram for the Host
42Redirect Datagram for the Type of Service and Network
43Redirect Datagram for the Type of Service and Host
6Alternate Host Address[JBP]
9Router Advertisement[RFC1256]
10Router Selection[RFC1256]
11Time Exceeded[RFC792]
110Time to Live exceeded in Transit
111Fragment Reassembly Time Exceeded
12Parameter Problem[RFC792]
120Pointer indicates the error
121Missing a Required Option[RFC1108]
122Bad Length
14Timestamp Reply[RFC792]
15Information Request[RFC792]
16Information Reply[RFC792]
17Address Mask Request[RFC950]
18Address Mask Reply[RFC950]
19Reserved (for Security)[Solo]
20Reserved (for Robustness Experiment)[ZSu]
21Reserved (for Robustness Experiment)[ZSu]
22Reserved (for Robustness Experiment)[ZSu]
23Reserved (for Robustness Experiment)[ZSu]
24Reserved (for Robustness Experiment)[ZSu]
25Reserved (for Robustness Experiment)[ZSu]
26Reserved (for Robustness Experiment)[ZSu]
27Reserved (for Robustness Experiment)[ZSu]
28Reserved (for Robustness Experiment)[ZSu]
29Reserved (for Robustness Experiment)[ZSu]
31Datagram Conversion Error[RFC1475]
32Mobile Host Redirect[David Johnson]
33IPv6 Where-Are-You[Bill Simpson]
34IPv6 I-Am-Here[Bill Simpson]
35Mobile Registration Request[Bill Simpson]
36Mobile Registration Reply[Bill Simpson]
37Domain Name Request[Simpson]
38Domain Name Reply[Simpson]