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Other Resources

An excellent resource for programmers wanting to learn more about Data Compression is the PC Programming Forum on Compuserve. To open a Compuserve account, call their customer service department at 1-800-848-8990. Some files of interest presently on in the Data Compression Library of that forum include:

AR002.EXE A straightforward compression/archive program, with commented C source.
ARJ241.EXE UNAR24.EXE The ARJ compression program. ARJ is free for non-commercial use, and includes UNARJ.C, which can be freely distributed and incorporated in other products.
CMPPAS.EXE LZSS and LZARI compression programs in Turbo Pascal.
COMPR.TXT A paper by Haruhiko Okumura discussing the state of the art in Japanese shareware compression programs, notably LHarc.
LHA213.EXE LHASRC.EXE The LHarc compression program, freeware, with C and assembly source.
LZCOMP.EXE C source for LZSS, LZHUF, and LZSS algorithms.
PAK251.EXE Shareware compresson program, supports multiple formats.
PKZ204G.EXE The well known PKZIP shareware archive/compression package.
ZOO210.EXE The UNIX archiving package. Public Domain.

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