LXXIII. Oracle functions


This extension adds support for Oracle database server access. See also the OCI8 extension.


You have to compile PHP with the option --with-oracle[=DIR], where DIR defaults to your environmment variable ORACLE_HOME.

Predefined Constants

The constants below are defined by this extension, and will only be available when the extension has either been compiled into PHP or dynamically loaded at runtime.

ORA_BIND_INOUT (integer)

ORA_BIND_IN (integer)

ORA_BIND_OUT (integer)



Table of Contents
Ora_Bind -- bind a PHP variable to an Oracle parameter
Ora_Close -- close an Oracle cursor
Ora_ColumnName -- get name of Oracle result column
Ora_ColumnSize -- get size of Oracle result column
Ora_ColumnType -- get type of Oracle result column
Ora_Commit -- commit an Oracle transaction
Ora_CommitOff -- disable automatic commit
Ora_CommitOn -- enable automatic commit
Ora_Do -- Parse, Exec, Fetch
Ora_Error -- get Oracle error message
Ora_ErrorCode -- get Oracle error code
Ora_Exec -- execute parsed statement on an Oracle cursor
Ora_Fetch_Into -- Fetch a row into the specified result array
Ora_Fetch -- fetch a row of data from a cursor
Ora_GetColumn -- get data from a fetched column
Ora_Logoff -- close an Oracle connection
Ora_Logon -- open an Oracle connection
Ora_Numcols -- Returns the number of columns
Ora_Numrows -- Returns the number of rows
Ora_Open -- open an Oracle cursor
Ora_Parse -- parse an SQL statement
Ora_pLogon --  Open a persistent Oracle connection
Ora_Rollback -- roll back transaction