Qt Image IO Extension Library

This library is an extension to the Qt GUI Toolkit. It provides image input/output facilities for additional formats which may require additional libraries or DLLs, or simply large amounts of code to implement. The purpose of this extension is to allow the Qt GUI Toolkit to remain unbloated by such additional library code, while allowing Qt applications with specific image I/O requirements to have readily available support.

The API of the library is simple. An application requiring additional image formats should either call the function:

or call a selection of the format-specific functions:

Function Documentation


  #include <qimageio.h>

Initialize all image I/O extensions. Note that future versions of this extension may support more formats than the version your application was originally linked with. If you link dynamically with libqimgio, then those new formats will be available, and the user will require any libraries for supporting those formats (which presumably they will have if they have installed a newer version of libqimgio). If this is not what you want, consider linking this code statically.

Currently, this function enables JPEG support. Note that PNG support is now included in Qt (installer chooses static or dynamic linking at installation time).


  #include <qjpegio.h>

Initialize JPEG image I/O extensions.

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