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This is the verbatim text of the qapplication.h include file. It is provided only for illustration; the copyright remains with Troll Tech.
** $Id: qapplication.h,v 1999/09/13 19:09:13 paul Exp $
** Definition of QApplication class
** Created : 931107
** Copyright (C) 1992-1999 Troll Tech AS.  All rights reserved.
** This file is part of the Qt GUI Toolkit.
** This file may be distributed under the terms of the Q Public License
** as defined by Troll Tech AS of Norway and appearing in the file
** LICENSE.QPL included in the packaging of this file.
** Licensees holding valid Qt Professional Edition licenses may use this
** file in accordance with the Qt Professional Edition License Agreement
** provided with the Qt Professional Edition.
** See http://www.troll.no/pricing.html or email sales@troll.no for
** information about the Professional Edition licensing, or see
** http://www.troll.no/qpl/ for QPL licensing information.


#ifndef QT_H
#include "qwidget.h"
#include "qlist.h"

#include "qasciidict.h"
#include "qpalette.h"
#include "qtranslator.h"
#endif // QT_H

class QSessionManager;
class QStyle;
class QTranslator;

class QApplication;
extern Q_EXPORT QApplication *qApp;             // global application object

#if defined(QT_DLL) || defined(QT_MAKEDLL)
#define QT_BASEAPP
typedef QApplication QNonBaseApplication;
#define QApplication QBaseApplication
#define QNonBaseApplication QApplication

class Q_EXPORT QApplication : public QObject
    QApplication( int &argc, char **argv );
#if defined(_WS_X11_)
    QApplication( Display* dpy );
    virtual ~QApplication();

    int             argc()      const;
    char          **argv()      const;

    static QStyle&          style();
    static void     setStyle( QStyle* );

#if 1   /* OBSOLETE */
    enum ColorMode { NormalColors, CustomColors };
    static ColorMode colorMode();
    static void      setColorMode( QApplication::ColorMode );

    enum ColorSpec { NormalColor=0, CustomColor=1, ManyColor=2 };
    static int       colorSpec();
    static void      setColorSpec( int );

    static QCursor  *overrideCursor();
    static void      setOverrideCursor( const QCursor &, bool replace=FALSE );
    static void      restoreOverrideCursor();

    static bool      hasGlobalMouseTracking();
    static void      setGlobalMouseTracking( bool enable );

    static QPalette          palette( const QWidget* = 0 );
    static void      setPalette( const QPalette &, bool updateAllWidgets=FALSE, const char* className = 0 );

    static QFont             font( const QWidget* = 0 );
    static void      setFont( const QFont &, bool updateAllWidgets=FALSE, const char* className = 0 );
    static QFontMetrics fontMetrics();

    QWidget         *mainWidget()  const;
    virtual void     setMainWidget( QWidget * );
    virtual void     polish( QWidget * );

    static QWidgetList *allWidgets();
    static QWidgetList *topLevelWidgets();
    static QWidget     *desktop();
    static QWidget     *activePopupWidget();
    static QWidget     *activeModalWidget();
    static QClipboard  *clipboard();
    QWidget            *focusWidget() const;
    QWidget            *activeWindow() const;

    static QWidget  *widgetAt( int x, int y, bool child=FALSE );
    static QWidget  *widgetAt( const QPoint &, bool child=FALSE );

    int              exec();
    void             processEvents();
    void             processEvents( int maxtime );
    void             processOneEvent();
    int              enter_loop();
    void             exit_loop();
    int              loopLevel() const;
    static void      exit( int retcode=0 );

    static bool      sendEvent( QObject *receiver, QEvent *event );
    static void      postEvent( QObject *receiver, QEvent *event );
    static void      sendPostedEvents( QObject *receiver, int event_type );
    static void      sendPostedEvents();

    static void      removePostedEvents( QObject *receiver );

    virtual bool     notify( QObject *, QEvent * );

    static bool      startingUp();
    static bool      closingDown();

    static void      flushX();
    static void      syncX();

    static void      beep();

    void             setDefaultCodec( QTextCodec* );
    QTextCodec*      defaultCodec() const;
    void             installTranslator( QTranslator * );
    void             removeTranslator( QTranslator * );
    QString          translate( const char * scope, const char * key ) const;

    static void         setWinStyleHighlightColor( const QColor & );
    static const QColor& winStyleHighlightColor();

    static void         setDesktopSettingsAware( bool );
    static bool         desktopSettingsAware();

    static void         setCursorFlashTime( int );
    static int  cursorFlashTime();

    static void         setDoubleClickInterval( int );
    static int  doubleClickInterval();

#if defined(_WS_MAC_)
    virtual bool     macEventFilter( MSG * );
#elif defined(_WS_WIN_)
    virtual bool     winEventFilter( MSG * );
#elif defined(_WS_X11_)
    virtual bool     x11EventFilter( XEvent * );
    virtual int      x11ClientMessage( QWidget*, XEvent*, bool passive_only);
    int              x11ProcessEvent( XEvent* );

#if defined(_WS_WIN_)
    static WindowsVersion winVersion();
    void             winFocus( QWidget *, bool );
    static void      winMouseButtonUp();

    // session management
    bool isSessionRestored() const;
    QString sessionId() const;
    virtual void commitData( QSessionManager& sm );
    virtual void saveState( QSessionManager& sm );

    void             lastWindowClosed();
    void             aboutToQuit();
public slots:
    void             quit();
    void             closeAllWindows();

    bool             processNextEvent( bool );
    void             initialize( int, char ** );
    void             init_precmdline();
    void             process_cmdline( int* argcptr, char ** argv );

    int              app_argc;
    char           **app_argv;
    bool             quit_now;
    int              quit_code;
    static QStyle   *app_style;
    static int       app_cspec;
    static QPalette *app_pal;
    static QFont    *app_font;
    static QCursor  *app_cursor;
    static int       app_tracking;
    static bool      is_app_running;
    static bool      is_app_closing;
    static bool      app_exit_loop;
    static int       loop_level;
    static QWidget  *main_widget;
    static QWidget  *focus_widget;
    static QWidget  *active_window;
    static bool      obey_desktop_settings;
    static int       cursor_flash_time;
    static int       mouse_double_click_time;
    QList<QTranslator> * translators;
    QSessionManager* session_manager;
    QString session_id;
    bool is_session_restored;

    static QAsciiDict<QPalette> *app_palettes;
    static QAsciiDict<QFont>    *app_fonts;

    static QWidgetList *popupWidgets;
    bool            inPopupMode() const;
    void            closePopup( QWidget *popup );
    void            openPopup( QWidget *popup );
    void            noteTopLevel( QWidget* tlw );

    static void removePostedEvent( QEvent * );

    friend class QWidget;
    friend class QETWidget;
    friend class QEvent;
#if defined QT_BASEAPP
    friend QNonBaseApplication;
private:        // Disabled copy constructor and operator=
#if defined(Q_DISABLE_COPY)
    QApplication( const QApplication & );
    QApplication &operator=( const QApplication & );

inline int QApplication::argc() const
    return app_argc;

inline char **QApplication::argv() const
    return app_argv;

inline QStyle& QApplication::style()
    return *app_style;

inline QCursor *QApplication::overrideCursor()
    return app_cursor;

inline bool QApplication::hasGlobalMouseTracking()
    return app_tracking > 0;

inline QWidget *QApplication::mainWidget() const
    return main_widget;

inline QWidget *QApplication::focusWidget() const
    return focus_widget;

inline QWidget *QApplication::activeWindow() const
    return active_window;

inline QWidget *QApplication::widgetAt( const QPoint &p, bool child )
    return widgetAt( p.x(), p.y(), child );

inline bool QApplication::inPopupMode() const
    return popupWidgets != 0;

inline bool QApplication::isSessionRestored() const
    return is_session_restored;

inline QString QApplication::sessionId() const
    return session_id;

#if defined(QT_BASEAPP)

#undef QApplication

class QApplication : public QBaseApplication
    QApplication( int &, char ** );
private:        // Disabled copy constructor and operator=
#if defined(Q_DISABLE_COPY)
    QApplication( const QApplication & );
    QApplication &operator=( const QApplication & );
    friend QBaseApplication;

inline bool QBaseApplication::sendEvent( QObject *receiver, QEvent *event )
        { return qApp->notify( receiver, event ); }

#if defined(Q_MOC_OUTPUT_REVISION) && defined(Q_MOC_QApplication)
#if defined(QT_MAKEDLL)
#define QApplication QBaseApplication

inline bool QApplication::sendEvent( QObject *receiver, QEvent *event )
        { return qApp->notify( receiver, event ); }


Copyright 1999 Troll TechTrademarks
Qt version 2.0.2