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This is the verbatim text of the qpixmap.h include file. It is provided only for illustration; the copyright remains with Troll Tech.
** $Id: qpixmap.h,v 2.44 1999/06/01 12:56:59 aavit Exp $
** Definition of QPixmap class
** Created : 940501
** Copyright (C) 1992-1999 Troll Tech AS.  All rights reserved.
** This file is part of the Qt GUI Toolkit.
** This file may be distributed under the terms of the Q Public License
** as defined by Troll Tech AS of Norway and appearing in the file
** LICENSE.QPL included in the packaging of this file.
** Licensees holding valid Qt Professional Edition licenses may use this
** file in accordance with the Qt Professional Edition License Agreement
** provided with the Qt Professional Edition.
** See http://www.troll.no/pricing.html or email sales@troll.no for
** information about the Professional Edition licensing, or see
** http://www.troll.no/qpl/ for QPL licensing information.

#ifndef QPIXMAP_H
#define QPIXMAP_H

#ifndef QT_H
#include "qpaintdevice.h"
#include "qcolor.h"
#include "qstring.h"
#include "qnamespace.h"
#endif // QT_H

#if defined(_WS_WIN_)
// Internal pixmap memory optimization class for Windows 9x
class QMultiCellPixmap;

class Q_EXPORT QPixmap : public QPaintDevice, public Qt
    enum ColorMode { Auto, Color, Mono };
    enum Optimization { DefaultOptim, NoOptim, MemoryOptim=NoOptim,
                        NormalOptim, BestOptim };

    QPixmap( int w, int h,  int depth = -1, Optimization = DefaultOptim );
    QPixmap( const QSize &, int depth = -1, Optimization = DefaultOptim );
    QPixmap( const QString& fileName, const char *format=0,
             ColorMode mode=Auto );
    QPixmap( const QString& fileName, const char *format,
             int conversion_flags );
    QPixmap( const char *xpm[] );
    QPixmap( const QByteArray &data );
    QPixmap( const QPixmap & );

    QPixmap    &operator=( const QPixmap & );
    QPixmap    &operator=( const QImage  & );

    bool        isNull()        const;

    int         width()         const { return data->w; }
    int         height()        const { return data->h; }
    QSize       size()          const { return QSize(data->w,data->h); }
    QRect       rect()          const { return QRect(0,0,data->w,data->h); }
    int         depth()         const { return data->d; }
    static int  defaultDepth();

    void        fill( const QColor &fillColor = Qt::white );
    void        fill( const QWidget *, int xofs, int yofs );
    void        fill( const QWidget *, const QPoint &ofs );
    void        resize( int width, int height );
    void        resize( const QSize & );

    const QBitmap *mask() const;
    void        setMask( const QBitmap & );
    bool        selfMask() const;
    QBitmap     createHeuristicMask( bool clipTight = TRUE ) const;

    static  QPixmap grabWindow( WId, int x=0, int y=0, int w=-1, int h=-1 );

    QPixmap         xForm( const QWMatrix & ) const;
    static QWMatrix trueMatrix( const QWMatrix &, int w, int h );

    QImage      convertToImage() const;
    bool        convertFromImage( const QImage &, ColorMode mode=Auto );
    bool        convertFromImage( const QImage &, int conversion_flags );

    static const char* imageFormat( const QString &fileName );
    bool        load( const QString& fileName, const char *format=0,
                      ColorMode mode=Auto );
    bool        load( const QString& fileName, const char *format,
                      int conversion_flags );
    bool        loadFromData( const uchar *buf, uint len,
                              const char* format=0,
                              ColorMode mode=Auto );
    bool        loadFromData( const uchar *buf, uint len,
                              const char* format,
                              int conversion_flags );
    bool        loadFromData( const QByteArray &data,
                              const char* format=0,
                              int conversion_flags=0 );
    bool        save( const QString& fileName, const char* format ) const;

#if defined(_WS_WIN_)
    HBITMAP     hbm()           const;

    int         serialNumber()  const;

    Optimization        optimization() const;
    void                setOptimization( Optimization );
    static Optimization defaultOptimization();
    static void         setDefaultOptimization( Optimization );

    virtual void detach();

    bool        isQBitmap() const;

#if defined(_WS_WIN_)
    // These functions are internal and used by Windows 9x only
    bool        isMultiCellPixmap() const;
    HDC         multiCellHandle() const;
    HBITMAP     multiCellBitmap() const;
    int         multiCellOffset() const;
    int         allocCell();
    void        freeCell( bool = FALSE );

    QPixmap( int w, int h, const uchar *data, bool isXbitmap );
    int metric( int ) const;

#if defined(_WS_WIN_)
    struct QMCPI {                              // mem optim for win9x
        QMultiCellPixmap *mcp;
        int     offset;

    struct QPixmapData : public QShared {       // internal pixmap data
        QCOORD  w, h;
        short   d;
        uint    uninit   : 1;
        uint    bitmap   : 1;
        uint    selfmask : 1;
#if defined(_WS_WIN_)
        uint    mcp      : 1;
        int     ser_no;
        QBitmap *mask;
#if defined(_WS_WIN_)
        void   *bits;
        QPixmap *maskpm;
        union {
            HBITMAP hbm;    // if mcp == FALSE
            QMCPI  *mcpi;   // if mcp == TRUE
        } hbm_or_mcpi;
#elif defined(_WS_X11_)
        void   *ximage;
        void   *maskgc;
        Optimization optim;
    } *data;

    QPixmap( int w, int h, int depth, bool, Optimization );
    void        init( int, int, int, bool, Optimization );
    void        deref();
    QPixmap     copy( bool ignoreMask = FALSE ) const;
    static Optimization defOptim;
    friend Q_EXPORT void bitBlt( QPaintDevice *, int, int,
                                 const QPaintDevice *,
                                 int, int, int, int, RasterOp, bool );
    friend Q_EXPORT void bitBlt( QPaintDevice *, int, int,
                                 const QImage* src,
                                 int, int, int, int, int conversion_flags );
    friend class QBitmap;
    friend class QPaintDevice;
    friend class QPainter;

inline bool QPixmap::isNull() const
    return data->w == 0;

inline void QPixmap::fill( const QWidget *w, const QPoint &ofs )
    fill( w, ofs.x(), ofs.y() );

inline void QPixmap::resize( const QSize &s )
    resize( s.width(), s.height() );

inline const QBitmap *QPixmap::mask() const
    return data->mask;

inline bool QPixmap::selfMask() const
    return data->selfmask;

#if defined(_WS_WIN_)
inline HBITMAP QPixmap::hbm() const
    return data->mcp ? 0 : data->hbm_or_mcpi.hbm;

inline int QPixmap::serialNumber() const
    return data->ser_no;

inline QPixmap::Optimization QPixmap::optimization() const
    return data->optim;

inline bool QPixmap::isQBitmap() const
    return data->bitmap;

#if defined(_WS_WIN_)
inline bool QPixmap::isMultiCellPixmap() const
    return data->mcp;

  QPixmap stream functions

Q_EXPORT QDataStream &operator<<( QDataStream &, const QPixmap & );
Q_EXPORT QDataStream &operator>>( QDataStream &, QPixmap & );

#endif // QPIXMAP_H

Copyright 1999 Troll TechTrademarks
Qt version 2.0.2