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QSizeGrip Class Reference

The QSizeGrip class provides corner-grip for resizeing a top level window. More...

#include <qsizegrip.h>

Inherits QWidget.

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Detailed Description

The QSizeGrip class provides corner-grip for resizeing a top level window.

This widget works like the standard Windows resize handle. In the X11 version this resize handle generally works differently than the one provided by the system; we hope to reduce this difference in the future.

Put this widget anywhere in a tree and the user can use it to resize the top-level window. Generally this should be in the lower right-hand corner. Note that QStatusBar already uses this widget, so if you have a status bar (eg. you are using QMainWindow), then you don't need to use this widget explicitly.

See also: QStatusBar.

Examples: scrollview/scrollview.cpp

Member Function Documentation

QSizeGrip::QSizeGrip(QWidget*parent, constchar*name=0)

Construct a resize corner as a child widget of parent.

voidQSizeGrip::mouseMoveEvent(QMouseEvent*e) [virtualprotected]

Resizes the top-level widget containing this widget.

Reimplemented from QWidget.

voidQSizeGrip::mousePressEvent(QMouseEvent*e) [virtualprotected]

Primes the resize operation.

Reimplemented from QWidget.

voidQSizeGrip::paintEvent(QPaintEvent*e) [virtualprotected]

Paints the resize grip - small diagonal textured lines in the lower righthand corner.

Reimplemented from QWidget.

QSizeQSizeGrip::sizeHint()const [virtual]

Returns a small size.

Reimplemented from QWidget.

QSizePolicyQSizeGrip::sizePolicy()const [virtual]

The size grip has a fixed height, but can grow horizontally.

Reimplemented from QWidget.

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