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EB29K cross-debugging

Finally, cd to the directory containing an image of your 29K program on the Unix system, and start GDB---specifying as argument the name of your 29K program:

cd /usr/joe/work29k
gdb myfoo

Now you can use the target command:

target amd-eb /dev/ttya 9600 MYFOO

In this example, we've assumed your program is in a file called `myfoo'. Note that the filename given as the last argument to target amd-eb should be the name of the program as it appears to DOS. In our example this is simply MYFOO, but in general it can include a DOS path, and depending on your transfer mechanism may not resemble the name on the Unix side.

At this point, you can set any breakpoints you wish; when you are ready to see your program run on the 29K board, use the GDB command run.

To stop debugging the remote program, use the GDB detach command.

To return control of the PC to its console, use tip or cu once again, after your GDB session has concluded, to attach to EBMON. You can then type the command q to shut down EBMON, returning control to the DOS command-line interpreter. Type CTTY con to return command input to the main DOS console, and type ~. to leave tip or cu.

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