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Additional process information

Some operating systems provide a facility called `/proc' that can be used to examine the image of a running process using file-system subroutines. If GDB is configured for an operating system with this facility, the command info proc is available to report on several kinds of information about the process running your program.

info proc
Summarize available information about the process.

info proc mappings
Report on the address ranges accessible in the program, with information on whether your program may read, write, or execute each range.

info proc times
Starting time, user CPU time, and system CPU time for your program and its children.

info proc id
Report on the process IDs related to your program: its own process ID, the ID of its parent, the process group ID, and the session ID.

info proc status
General information on the state of the process. If the process is stopped, this report includes the reason for stopping, and any signal received.

info proc all
Show all the above information about the process.

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