MAX 6000 Series ISP and Telecommuting Configuration Guide

Ascend Communications, Inc.

Part Number: 7820-0579-002

For software version 6.0.0

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Ascend Customer Service

You can request assistance or additional information by telephone, email, fax, or modem, or over the Internet.

Obtaining Technical Assistance

If you need technical assistance, first gather the information that Ascend Customer Service will need for diagnosing your problem. Then select the most convenient method of contacting Ascend Customer Service.

Information you will need

Before contacting Ascend Customer Service, gather the following information:

How to contact Ascend Customer Service

After you gather the necessary information, contact Ascend in one of the following ways:
Telephone in the United States

800-ASCEND-4 (800-272-3634)

Telephone outside the United States

510-769-8027 (800-697-4772)


(+61) 3 9656 7000


(+33) 492 96 5672


(+33) 492 96 5674


(+33) 492 96 5673


(+33) 492 96 5676


(+81) 3 5325 7397

Middle East/Africa

(+33) 492 96 5679


(+33) 492 96 5677


(+33) 492 96 5675


(+33) 492 96 5671



Email (outside US)


Facsimile (FAX)


Customer Support BBS by modem


You can also contact the Ascend main office by dialing 510-769-6001, or you can write to Ascend at the following address:

Ascend Communications
1701 Harbor Bay Parkway
Alameda, CA 94502

Need information about new features and products?

Ascend is committed to constant product improvement. You can find out about new features and other improvements as follows:



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