SNMP Support

SNMP (Simple Network Managing Protocol) is widely implemented feature for collecting network information from router and/or host. Zebra itself does not support SNMP agent functionality. But conjuction with SNMP agent, Zebra provides routing protocol MIBs.

Zebra uses SMUX protocol (RFC1227) for making communication with SNMP agent. There are several SNMP agent which support SMUX. We recommend to use the latest ucd-snmp software.

How to get ucd-snmp
SMUX configuration

How to get ucd-snmp

ucd-snmp is a free software which distributed so called "as is" software license. Please check the license which comes with distribution of ucd-snmp. The authors of ucd-snmp are the University of California, the University of California at Davis, and the Electrical Engineering department at the University of California at Davis.

You can get ucd-snmp from <> As of this writing we are testing with ucd-snmp-4.1.pre1.tar.gz.

To enable SMUX protocol support, please configure ucd-snmp like below.

     % configure --with-mib-modules=smux

After compile and install ucd-snmp, you will need to configure smuxpeer. I'm now using below configuration. This means SMUX client connect under MIB with password test.

     smuxpeer test

SMUX configuration

To enable SNMP support of Zebra, you have to configure Zebra with --enable-snmp (See Configure the Software).

     smux peer . test

This file documents the GNU Zebra software which manages common TCP/IP routing protocols.

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