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QNPStream Class Reference

A stream of data provided to a QNPInstance by the browser. This class is part of the Qt NSPlugin Extension. More...

#include <qnp.h>

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Public Members

Detailed Description

This class is defined in the Qt NSPlugin Extension, which can be found in the qt/extensions directory. It is not included in the main Qt API.

A stream of data provided to a QNPInstance by the browser.

Note that this is neither a QTextStream or a QDataStream.

See also: QNPInstance::write() and QNPInstance::newStreamCreated().

Examples: qtimage/qtimage.cpp grapher/grapher.cpp

Member Function Documentation

QNPStream::QNPStream(QNPInstance*in,constchar*mt, _NPStream*st, boolse)

Creates a stream. Plugins should not call this, but rather QNPInstance::newStream() if a stream is required.


Destroys the stream.


Returns TRUE if the stream has received all the data from the source.


Returns the length of the stream (???).


Returns the QNPInstance for which this stream was created.


Returns the time when the source of the stream was last modified.


Returns TRUE if no errors have occurred on the stream.

voidQNPStream::requestRead(intoffset, uintlength)

Requests the given section of the stream be sent to the QNPInstance::write() function of the instance() of this stream.


Returns TRUE if the stream is seekable.


For internal use only.


For internal use only.


Returns the MIME type of the stream.


Returns the URL from which the stream was created.

intQNPStream::write(intlen, void*buffer)

Writes data to the stream.

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