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[Image: Amazon Graphic] You will find reviews and comments on these books from amazon.com, where you can also buy the books. When you do, I get a small cut of the action. It has worked out to about $400/year. Thanks to all of you who have purchased books here! It is nice to receive a little compensation for the work done on the faq.
Advanced Programming in the Unix Environment
By W. Richard Stevens
ISBN: 0-201-56317-7
This is the most often recommended book about programming in the Unix environment. If you take the subject seriously and don't have a copy, I strongly suggest you pick this one up. It contains explanations of many advanced topics, complete with commented example code. This book rocks.
Unix Network Programming : Networking APIs: Sockets and Xti
By W. Richard Stevens
ISBN: 0-13-490012-X
If you are focusing on writing Network applications for Unix, this is also a must have book. This is the first, and only volume currently available of a three volume series. The other two books are in development. You can also still get the original single volume Unix Network Programming, as featured in the motion picture "Wayne's World 2".
UNIX Network Programming Volume 2: Interprocess Communications
By W. Richard Stevens
ISBN: 0130810819
Volume 2 of the popular UNIX Network Programming series
POSIX Programmer's Guide
By Donald Lewine
ISBN: 0-937175-73-0
I used this book as an introduction to programming in the Unix environment. It was great because it focuses on writing portable code, and contains a lot a good general programming advice. If you are interested in portability, you will find this book a good read.
TCP/IP Illustrated, Volume 1 : The Protocols
By W. Richard Stevens
ISBN: 0201633469
The casual browser might notice that almost all of my recommended books are written by Stevens. This is because I have found his books to be the most useful. This book in particular is a great help when a network application isn't behaving the way you would expect it to. It will help you to understand what is happening at the protocol level so that you can solve problems at the application level.

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