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Me My name is Vic Metcalfe, and I maintain the UNIX Socket FAQ, and this web site. I started learning how to write network applications when I wanted to create a MS-Windows GUI for CVS. I don't run Windows anymore, but I'm grateful to Microsoft for re-creating the need for UNIX.

I run mostly Linux, and I also have an old SparcStation 2 running Solaris 2.6, and another machine running Solaris x86 2.5.

I've quit my old job as a MS-Windows programmer and formed a company called Zymurgy Systems Inc.. Through this company I do web site hosting and design. I also do contract programming for UNIX jobs. I won't do Windows jobs any more. If you need any work done that sounds like my kind of job, please email me.

Outside of computers I have a beautiful wife, Angela, a tiny baby girl named Carolyn, and a dog named Bjarne after Mr. Stroustrup of C++ fame. I hope he wouldn't take any offense; he's a good dog.

I also have an interested in television. I use to direct a local cable show, and I've taken six courses at the Second City in Toronto on improv. I highly recommend their classes to anyone. I am currently working with some of my old classmates on a demo tape to see if we can get on TV. If we succeed I'll let you all know where to tune in!

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